Welcome and thank you for visiting Islay Wildscapes Crafts, Wildlife and Landscape Photography.

Teresa Morris of Islay Wildscapes has been working in the field of land management, nature conservation and wildlife photography for over 35 years in the uplands of northern Britain. During this time she has developed a real passion for the very special nature of Islay in the Scottish Hebrides which has inspired her to portray photographically Islay’s intricate mosaic of habitats and unique landscapes.

Over many years throughout all seasons and weather conditions she has invested endless hours in the field on Islay with her camera seeking interesting wildlife behaviours and optimim lighting conditions.

Islay is a tremendous place to witness nature at its very best.

These experiences of extreme weather conditions in all seasons on Islay have inspired Teresa to translate her images into her new Craft Collection products which reflect the islands landscape, wildlife, history and special qualities of light.

This website encapsulates a gallery of Islay Seasonwatch images portraying the island throughout the four seasons and links to the photo blog. The Crafts Collection section showcases craft products which reflect the beautiful colours of very special locations to be found and enjoyed on the island. products can be purchased at the Islay Wildscapes Etsy shop which is NOW OPEN !

Enjoy viewing the images Islay is a very special place !

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